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At the Personalize Your Presence workshop, you’ll learn key principles and practical strategies that enhance your executive presence and leadership effectiveness. Our virtual presentation focuses on actionable tools and tips that uncover your professional purpose. You will walk away with authentic communication skills that elevate your executive presence, taking your professional power and your team to the next level.

Personalize Your Presence™ Workshop

Business Meeting

February 22, 2019


Our principal consultant, Crystal I. Berger, reveals how black women can create their own table, by turning adversity into opportunity utilizing  innovation and ingenuity.


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Black Women Talk Tech

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

April 10, 2019

make your mark

AMC Networks Employee Resource Group hosted an exclusive event with Crystal I. Berger on how anyone can unlock doors to success and make their mark in the entertainment industry. Watch recap...

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AMC Networks

Team High Five

April 23, 2020


Crystal highlights the power of using a positive mindset to position your life for purpose and prosperity.⁣⁣ She identifies the power of intention and  training your mind for happiness during COVID-19. View session...


NAMIC, New York City

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