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We specialize in lively and engaging trainings delivered virtually or in-person. Our experts have serviced clients for over two decades in areas of messaging, executive presence, on-camera training, and fundamental presentation delivery. 


We represent clients across different media formats using all available tools and media technologies. Pinnacle works with the public sector, private organizations, for government agencies, with educational institutions, business corporations, and other public-facing entities. 

Whether it is print or online media, written, visual, audio, video messages, web presence, or software design, our media architects have what it takes to handle all media needs. Our highly creative team knows our way around the mysteries of creating a profitable reputation and engaging messages for our clients.

Our Clients


The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

Associated Black Charities

Landmark Realty Group 

WOC Star Fund

CLP Strategies

Pride Center of Maryland

Frontline Life Media 

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